I’m a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz and a Senior Research Associate at the School of Public Policy at the University College London.

My research lies at the intersection of comparative politics, peace and conflict studies and development research and deals both with macro-level structures and micro-level dynamics. I have two primary research interests. The first deals with state-society interactions, in particular under which conditions people support armed groups and violence against state institutions, but also how wartorn societies rebuild their social, political and economic order.

My second and current research deals with gender questions in conflict and development. Specifically, I am interested in the social consequences of conflict-related sexual violence, the determinants of gender inequality, the effect of women’s empowerment on human development and the relationship between polygamy and conflict and development.

Empirically, I use both qualitative and quantitative methods and aim to combine them in sensible ways to harness the strengths of both methods. I have conducted field research as well as designed and managed population-based surveys (experiments) in South Sudan, Nigeria, Burundi and the DR Congo.

Previously, I was a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University College London and a Research Fellow at the Department of African Affairs at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. In 2015 I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Hamburg.

Before getting into academic research, I was a Humanitarian Aid Worker with Médecins Sans Frontières in South Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Uganda, and Swaziland.

You can contact me at carlo.koos{at}uni-konstanz.de